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Hints & Tips

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Using the Summit Support Equipment will make your time during the posturing recuperation period much more bearable, but there are many other things you might like to do to help prepare for this time. Preparation is the key for this period to pass as quickly and successfully as possible.

Once you know your operation date, ring 1300 133 116 and book a time for your Summit Support Recovery Equipment to be fitted and delivered to your home.

  • Once your chair is set up, make sure you have items close by that you will need to use regularly e.g. books, radio, phone, medicines, tissues, pen and paper
  • We recommend taping plastic sandwich bags to the desk top, then you can place items in them for convenience e.g. TV remote control, straws, use one as a rubbish bag

Make sure your home is prepared before you have the surgery.

  • Pay all your household bills due during your recovery time
  • Buy enough food, microwavable meals or freeze meals that just need to be defrosted and heated up e.g. casseroles, soups
  • Make sure your laundry is up to date

Ask for and accept help from friends and family: If possible make sure you have someone stay with you during your recuperation period. You will need help in preparing meals and setting up bathing time. Often when you go to stand up after being face down you will be very dizzy, so you may need someone to initially help you and walk with you.

  • Have friends/family visit at different times to keep you company
  • It is great to have someone to play cards with or just have a chat

Eating and Drinking

  • When eating it is better to try and bend more at the waist than the neck to maintain a face down position, otherwise it could affect your swallowing
  • If your Doctor allows you 10 minutes of upright time in an hour, it may be a good time to eat then – Prepare softer foods that are easier to chew and swallow
  • Keep refrigerated foods on lower shelves of your refrigerator for easy access
  • Keep glasses and crockery on the counter ready for use rather than in high shelves in a cupboard
  • When drinking always use a straw, this way you can still drink with your head down

Bathing and Clothing

  • It may be easier to take a bath rather than a shower. If using a shower, use a plastic chair to sit on
  • Make sure your soap, shampoo or conditioner are at a lower accessible level
  • Wear clothes that are easy to put on. Use button up shirts / blouses rather than t-shirts and pullovers. – Tracksuit bottoms will be more comfortable than jeans or trousers


  • When using the Summit Support Bed Face Cradle, it can be more comfortable to place pillows around your sides and over the chest support
  • Place a pillow under your hips and ankles so your back in the correct position
  • Remember to keep things you may need close to you e.g. tissues, eye drops
  • Use a flashlight to provide light rather than needing to lift your head to turn on a table lamp
  • Remember when you get up, you may feel dizzy, get up slowly and/or get someone to assist you

How to alleviate boredom

  • Listen to music, the radio, CDs etc
  • Listen to books on CD / cassette (available at Libraries or order from the internet prior to surgery)
  • Talk on the phone (it is good if you have a loudspeaker option on your phone)

summit-chairThe Summit Support Recovery Chair will allow you to:

  • Play cards or board games with a friend using the 2 way mirror
  • Watch TV or DVDs and Videos (with your Doctors permission)
  • Read or write (with your Doctors permission)