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Why is Posturing Important?

Posturing is the face down positioning required after having a vitrectomy operation. During the vitrectomy a gas bubble is inserted into the back of the eye. A critical factor to the success of the operation is ensuring that the gas bubble maintains contact with your retina (light sensitive membrane at the back of the eye).

Posturing is essential to allow the gas bubble to plug the hole in the macular or retina and prevent fluid inside the eye from seeping through the hole. The retina is then able to form scar tissue, forming a permanent seal and healing. Posturing also decreased the anterior movement of the bubble, which can increase cataract formation, raise intraocular pressure or damage the cornea. Summit Support Recovery Chair and Bed Support Equipment is the most effective equipment to use, as it maintains your head facing downwards at the correct angle. When using pillows or desks as a support it is easier for your head not to be in a direct face down position but on a slight angle, which will mean the gas bubble is not putting pressure on the correct part of the retina.

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Different operations require different periods of time for you to remain face down. Please follow your Opthalmologists advise on how long you need to remain in the face down position. The majority of Opthalmologists require patients to remain face down for 50min every hour, 24 hours per day. Once again check with your Opthalmologist if this is what they want you to do.

One of the most difficult times to remain face down is during sleep, as it is natural to change positions during our sleep without waking. This is why Summit Support Bed Face Cradle is essential as it allows you to feel a slight falling sensation if you roll away from the face down position. That way you will wake up, and can reposition yourself.