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Sitting Solutions

The Body Cradle is a state of the art medical device that acts to solve the problems of posturing face-down for prolonged periods of time.

The device is ergonomically designed with eight adjustment points, 35 settings and specially designed cushioning that allows pressure over the face , chest, buttocks and shins. Unlike traditional massage equipment that is designed for use for one to two hours at most, the Body cradle is designed for use up to 12 at a time.

It is important complimentary posturing device to the Face Cradle (which fits to the bed for sleeping) as the body needs to change posture during the day.

As people vary in size and shape, proper fitting is required to ensure the neck and back are well rested and the head is in the right position to keep the gas bubble in the right position.

The Body cradle can be moved from room to room on a set of small wheels set into the frame and a two bi-plate mirror allows you to posture face-down while you to look out the window, watch TV or make eye contact with people when in conversation.