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Vitrectomy, Eye Surgery Recovery Rentals

patient-face-downIf you or a loved one require a vitrectomy operation to improve or retain vision then chances are your surgeon also told you that it is essential for you to remain in a face down position for a week or more. The thought of remaining face down for a long period of time can daunting and leaves a lot of people feeling very anxious.

“When I left the Doctors Surgery, I was more concerned about how I was going to keep my head face down for a week, than going through the operation!” Dianne, July 09, Summit Support Patient

Before the introduction of Summit Support post vitrectomy recovery equipment by Theodore Kavieris (a nationally recognised Physiotherapist with over fifteen years experience),  there were no alternatives within the Australian market available to help patients maintain the face down posture for long periods of time. Instead patients were putting a lot of strain on their neck and shoulder muscles.

This culminated in the additional expense and inconvenience of requiring up to 8 weeks of physiotherapy after the posturing time. The Summit Support Recovery Chair and Bed Support were developed by Theodore in consultation with numerous ophthalmologists to be able to provide a comfortable and more interactive alternative for patients to be able to maintain the face down posture, but still be able to do things during this time like: reading, eating, sleeping etc.

patient-face-down-wearing-glassesSummit Support can provide vitrectomy recovery equipment which will allow you to be face down with optimal comfort and support, minimising neck, back and shoulder pain. It is a comfortable alternative, putting no strain on your muscles and allows you to even watch TV using the custom 2-way mirror, whilst staying compliant to the Surgeon’s instructions.

To book your Recovery Support Equipment please ring 1300 133 116, we will be able to discuss all your needs over the phone, or you can email Summit Support on:

Preserve your sight by preserving your posture
and sleep with peace of mind