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About Summit Vitrectomy

Summit Support is an arm of Summit Physiotherapy Pty Ltd established in North Sydney in 1999. Established by Theodore Kavieris a NSW born physiotherapist and innovator who has been in practice for over 20 years.

It has a proven record in improving the experience and outcomes for eye surgery patients and their surgeons.

For many years until Summit Support was established there was no solution for patients who needed to posture face-down after eye surgery. The sustained posture caused compression of the vertebral joints of the neck and lumbar spine as well as the ribs. This caused neck, lower back, arm and leg pain; as well as breast pain for women and for some strong headaches.

There was also the problem that patients did not realise that they were not even in the correct recovery position.

A posturing system was innovated specifically to address these issues.

Today Summit has 8 staff focused on delivering, custom fitting and developing the equipment. The service is available nation-wide.

Looking forward, Summit Support intends to innovate products and services, some already in the pipeline, that make a meaningful difference for patients and their dedicated carers and medical team.

We are always interested in your ideas and views about how we can improve our service and what the world needs next. So your input is welcome on