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I Stock Elderly Worried LadyVitrectomy surgery can be daunting but the recovery doesn’t have to be. Have you been told that you will have to remain face down for up to five days or more? The first question most patients ask is “How can I do this? Or “Can I do this?

Summit Support has over ten years of experience providing a professional and caring service for patients in the post-operative recovery stage of Vitrectomy surgery.

Common questions are:

“How will I eat and drink face down?”

“How can I remain on my stomach to sleep through the night?”

“What am I going to do all day, and not be completely bored?”

patient-face-down-wearing-glassesMany patients think they can make do with pillows, or massage equipment. Don’t be fooled, massage equipment is not the same as Summit Support vitrectomy equipment; it is not ergonomically designed to maintain 24 hour face down position.

Vitrectomy patients often develop terrible back ache, neck ache or even worse: give up! This can cause the Vitrectomy surgery to fail or not achieve a completely successful outcome. You may then require additional surgery at additional expense, and further face down time.

Summit Support professionally supports patients with a workable solution that is easy, affordable and manageable. Our equipment and service provides a one-stop port of call to answer all your questions regarding post operative face down management, Summit Support equipment, and what is involved.

The Summit Support equipment allows you to:

Stay active with support: Ergonomically designed, The Recovery Chair allows you to read, write, drink and socialise with minimal movement, while maintaining the proper face-down positioning.

Evade boredom and social isolation: The Recovery Chair comes with an attached desk which can be used as an arm rest or alternatively a desk to place your book, newspaper, crossword on or allows you to play a game of cards with a friend. The two way mirror allows you to watch television and have a conversation. You can even wear your glasses by using the reading glasses face cushion.

Sleep safely: Sleep soundly with the knowledge that you won’t accidentally turn over in the middle of the night and risk the success of your surgery.

Be stress and pain free: The ergonomic design of the chair allows for comfortable breathing and is designed for 24 hours of continued use, relieving your back, neck and shoulders from any strain.

Call us on: 1300 133 116 as soon as you know the date of your operation and we can arrange a convenient time to have the Summit Support Recovery Equipment delivered and custom fit to your needs.